6 Mei 2008

Welcome to Socialspark

SocialSpark is new innovation and creative marketing, this is a social networking site to help bloggers and advertisers met together. To join this sites is easy, just visiting then sign up to create your account with your email, after that, you'll be send email verification from socialspark and just click link at email you be member of socialspark now .

You'll get more advantages with join Socialspark, for advertiser it's able to choose blogs based on topics and make cash sponsorship offers to the bloggers who publish them. For bloggers it's can be new opportunity to earn more money from their blogs. There's have two ways how get money for bloggers, first, placing display advertisement and secondly is writing sponsored content.

Like another social networking sites, in socialspark you can make new friends from all around the world and interact with other users. For bloggers, before get new friends, its more better if you create a profile and tag yourself so advertiser can find and choosing your blog to promote their product or company. Socialspark its amazing sites, it's give us double benefits money and friends. Socialspark like dating sites, but the purpose is not make a date between man and woman but to connect bloggers and advertisers.
I was join with socialspark with nickname myetalase, you can search it and be my friends.
Join Socialspark could increase visitor my blog from my profile, and this help IZEA rank too. Visit and join this new social network.