18 Mar 2008

Transport Phenomena by R. Byron Bird

Transport Phenomena by R. Byron Bird covered about momentum, heat, and mass transfer developed. Independently as branches of classical physics long ago, their unified study has found its place as one of the funda- mental engineering sciences. This development, in turn, less than half a century old, con- tinues to grow and to find applications in new fields such as biotechnology, microelectronics, nanotechnology, and polymer science.

Evolution of transport phenomena has been so rapid and extensive that complete coverage is not possible. While we have included many representative examples, our main emphasis has, of necessity, been on the fundamental aspects of this field. More- over, we have found in discussions with colleagues that transport phenomena is taught in a variety of ways and at several different levels. Enough material has been included for two courses, one introductory and one advanced. The elementary course, in turn, can be divided into one course on momentum transfer, and another on heat and mass transfer, thus providing more opportunity to demonstrate the utility of this material in practical applications. To Learn more about Transport Phenomena you can download this ebook. Actually i'm not upload this ebook, i find rapidshare link for transport phenomena ebook from search engine. If you really need this book i hope you can buy it. Thanks